Take a look at a new article on MSNBC.com entitled, “U.N.: Iraqi nuclear materials have vanished.”

While the nation, myself included, has been glued to the television set watching the presidential debates, soaking in all of the post-debate commentary and polls on how each candidate performed, notably on the issue of Iraq, somebody seems to have walked off with many of the tools you need to make a nuke.

The International Atomic Energy Agency reported to the U.N. Security Council that high-precision equipment, which could be used to help governments or terrorist groups construct nuclear bombs, have vanished on satellite images.

On the Sept. 30 debate, both Bush and Kerry agreed that nuclear proliferation is the most serious threat facing the United States. While they talk about it, it is clear that the U.S., while barring the return of U.N. inspectors and preventing the IAEA from monitoring the equipment, is again not living up to all its bluster.

‘We simply don’t know…’ Just because Saddam gave up on nuclear weapons doesn’t mean our real enemies will.