Did you know that the American Jewish World Service and the American Society for Muslim Advancement were founding members of the Save Darfur Coalition?  Have you heard there’s an Evangelicals for Darfur campaign? It’s true! The philanthropy focus of many religious groups is starting to go global.

I just encountered a really amazing pan-evangelical print ad, signed by Christian leaders from across the nation and addressed to the President of the US.  It is as follows:

Without you, Mr. President, Darfur doesn’t have a prayer.

We come to you from across the evangelical spectrum. We beseech you to act on your faith and do the right thing in leading the world to bring an end to the genocide affecting “the least of these” in Darfur. To date, over 400,000 people have been killed. 2.5 million displaced. Countless more raped, maimed and tortured. Men, women and children created in God’s image. Ending the atrocities will require your personal leadership in supporting the deployment of a strong U.N. peacekeeping force and multilateral economic sanctions. While we often disagree on matters of politics, we are united in the belief that your leadership can make the critical difference in Darfur. We join together now to urge you, in the words of Proverbs 24:11-12, to “rescue those being led away to death.” We pledge to do everything we can to rally support in both Congress and in the U.N. to uphold your efforts in bringing the horror in Darfur to an end.

Even if you can’t agree with this ad in its entirety, for whatever reason, I hope you find it as encouraging as I do to see people of faith working to address crucial international issues. Athiest-Muslim-Christian-Agnostic-Hindu-etcetera, I believe we share a human ethic that compels us to address serious injustices in the world! Now we only have to coordinate our efforts! 🙂

Cheers y un saludo cordial,