Last week, the Bush Administration finally acknowledged the
‘parallels’ between Iraq and Vietnam. This admission confirms what many outside the Administration have been saying for a long time. Our presence in Iraq has turned into a chaotic disaster. While politicians battle for Congressional seats, many Iraqis will spend each day struggling to survive. Like the Vietnamese, they will continue to suffer the losses of this war for years to come–regardless of when our troops leave.  

However, perhaps this moment in history will mirror its 1960’s counterpart in a more positive way as well. Many cite the Tet Offensive as the point where US media stopped mindlessly parroting government rhetoric and started telling the American people what was really going on in Vietnam. People organized, protested, demanded answers from politicians and began to take back their role as citizens. American democracy triumphed over political rhetoric and partisan bickering.

Is it possible we’re seeing the beginnings of a similar shift now? I, for one, certainly hope so.