I know I’m not the only person who watched the whole mess of Saddam’s execution and became overcome with a fresh sense of sorrow and disappointment about not just the way that was handled but the way that U.S. foreign policy has managed to get things wrong, time after time, when dealing with countries in the "Muslim world."  We normally try to stay away from the issue of Iraq on here, but I think that this issue touches upon a lot of AID’s broader concerns.  I was traveling and catching up with family and friends when the execution happened, so most of what I learned about it came through snippets of CNN that I caught at airports or in the background.  I couldn’t believe it when I heard from a friend that had just returned from Turkey that all anyone was talking about there was the execution and how it took place on the Muslim holiday of Eid.  What?!  Yes — Abu Aardvark confirms the explosive impact and Shadi Hamid attempts to make an analogy about how offensive this is.  When you find out things like this, it doesn’t seem so surprising that the U.S. and the Muslim World are still so far apart.