People like yourselves know better than most how severe and pressing the global problems of today are. Although the consequences of ignorance are dire, awareness of these problems still eludes too many. Nevertheless, I believe that there is an enormous amount of latent interest in global action on the part of our generation. As you surely know through your efforts with AIDemocracy, there is so much untapped human potential in this world that is just waiting to be put to efficient use in order to come up with alternative solutions to the challenges of humanity.

What I am trying to say is, THE TIME IS RIPE FOR CHANGE.

In this context I think one cannot stress enough the crucial role AIDemocracy is playing in encouraging young people to join its movement. And as a European I believe I can do my part in creating global change by applying the idea that guides AIDemocracy to Europe.


I understand that Europe is in many ways different than the United States and I think it is crucial to create a new and independent European counterpart to AIDemocracy. This organization’s ultimate goal will be to become a valuable partner to AIDemocracy in advancing global human commitment to informed democracy. I envision an independent, autonomous, self-sustaining and professional European organization, EUforIA -Europeans for Informed Action-, affiliated with AIDemocracy. EUforIA will promote a distinctly European approach to the vision it has in common with AIDemocracy, appealing to values and ideas intrinsic to European culture, in order to give Europeans a movement of their own with which they can identify.

Its ambition will be to serve as a platform for motivated and enthusiastic people who collectively want to dedicate themselves to sensitizing and informing the public about the present and future challenges of humanity, thereby consolidating and further increasing the strength, capability and scope of a newly emerging global youth movement.

Therefore I need to find young Europeans who are willing to collaborate with me in working on an intellectual framework for EUforIA that will outline the fundamental principles and ideas which will guide future national and local chapters in their informed actions. I need to find eloquent, charismatic, intelligent and euphoric young Europeans who are willing to dedicate themselves over the next months (years) to this project and who are willing and able to represent what EUforIA stands for.


If you can imagine yourself participating in this project or if you want me to send you a more precise outline of my idea, I would be pleased to hear from you. You can contact me via email ( Also, if you know people who might be interested in EUforIA, I would appreciate it if you let them know about it and encourage them to contact me.

Finally, I would like to ask you to send me any kind of feedback you consider helpful and to spread the message to all of your friends, and I hope that some day in the near future I will be able to offer internship opportunities in Europe for members of the AIDemocracy community on this very same weblog!

Thanks for your interest and time,

Jeronimo, Swiss-Bolivian exchange student at Boston University