The analyst observes the US and Iran meeting on May 28, 2007 as a great diplomatic move for peace and security in Iraq. For the first time since 1979, the two countries met for a direct talk over security issues in Iraq. The meeting focused on possible ways to cooperate for a stable Iraq. Both delegations acknowledged that a stable Iraq was in their interests. The most interesting point of the negotiations explored the possibility to have Iran cooperate with Iraq and the US over security matters in Iraq.

This meeting represents a symbolic step for the improvement of the relations between Tehran and Washington. Whatever speculations follow that meeting, Washington should capitalize on it because it provides a helpful opportunity to cooperate with Iran over peace and security in Iraq. Cooperation  with Iran over Iraq could be a powerful signal for cooperation over broader issues including nuclear weapons. With the hope that the two sides will follow up the results of the negotiations, the analyst could hypothesize that this meeting between Iran and the US translates a progressive triumph of diplomacy.

Jacques KOKO, Senior Political Analyst -Americans for Informed Democracy