Imagine a world where every child had access to a computer and to the World Wide Web?  Since 2002, a team of developers have been trying to make this dream a reality.  Just today, a breakthrough was announced.
According to the One Laptop Per Child project, the prototype of “the $100 laptop”, also known as the XO Laptop, will be in mass production in October 2007 and available to the developing world.  The XO is armed with WiFi, Media Player, Microsoft functions, as well as durable parts that can fight against many of Mother Nature’s extremes and creative ways to keep the system powered.  You can check out the specs here, courtesy of BBC.

So if children of the developing world had access to this machine, will the digital divide be met?  And can technology alone alleviate massive suffering that is found in the globe today?  If not, what else is a top-tier priority and what can the international community do to continue to find innovative ideas to difficult problems?