The regime in Burma is one of the worst on the planet. That’s been clear for decades. Now, it may have massacred thousands of monks who took part in pro-democracy demonstrations.

If the reports are true, there isn’t really any way to convey in a blog post how utterly messed up that is.

Passport has more, and hits the nail on the head with this one line about US indifference: “[…] if 100,000 people were marching the streets of Baghdad or Riyadh, or if thousands of Catholic priests were lying dead in Vatican City, you can bet there would have been a little bit more action by now.”

And by the way, the above statement should go for the stuffed suits in Brussels, London, Berlin, and Paris, too.

Brussels and Washington need to get their acts together. Thousands of people are reportedly still detained by the regime, some awaiting execution for participation in the demonstrations. Their lives are at stake. The clock is ticking.

Fred Hiatt writes in the Washington Post about what the US should do (and, again, I would add the EU):

And here’s something else I would do: Tell China that, as far as the United States is concerned, it can have its Olympic Games or it can have its regime in Burma. It can’t have both.

[…] If a threat to those Games — delivered privately, if that would be most effective, with no loss of face — could help tip the balance, then let the Games not begin. Some things matter more.

They certainly do.