I briefly wanted to touch briefly on the subject of international communication, as I think it’s something that is going to be be coming more and more into focus everyday as we move farther into the twenty-first century.

In the past communication at the global level has been largely restrictive in a comparative sense to what we have today. There were days of phone lines, snail mail, and trans-Atlantic flights for meetings.

In today’s world we have virtually none of that. Sure there are still major cables under the sea and we rely on them to a certain extent, but in a growing wireless society more and more people across the earth are capable of talking to each other. Phrasing it like that may sound like this is an old concept, but the effects we are seeing today must be noticed and reflected upon. More importantly, we must as a society capitalize on this chance to expose our citizens to life outside of the United States.

It may seem like a pretty simple idea, but the fact of the matter is a young person in Africa talking to a young person in America happens everyday. Arab students in the Middle East exchanging ideas and cultural reflections with U.S. students on the West Coast is becoming a reality helping aid the understanding of different cultures and nations.

As the world wide web took off early and gave a voice to people around the world, it opened opportunities for thousands of people to engage one another. No longer do teenagers just hang out with friends around the corner. Now they have friends around the corner of the Indian Ocean, across the English Channel, and in the middle of Africa. They have friends in South America, Europe, and all parts of Asia. Never before on Earth have young people had such opportunity to reach out and engage the entire world.

The ability to communicate is revolutionizing the way young people interact, and it is only a matter of time before cultural barriers and prejudices are broken down entirely.

It may be a while, but we’re getting there.

Empower Peace