On 15 October 2007, a protest was held outside UN headquarters in New York. A group organized by local New Yorkers originating from South Yemen had come to protest the end of occupation of South Yemen. One of the underlining issues of this protest stems from the direct threats made by the President of Yemen- Ali Abdallah Saleh(who is positioned and hails from the north) against southern Yemenites who decided to stage peaceful sit-ins on the 14th of October in South Yemen. Ali Saleh’s regime has been accused of various crimes against southern Yemeni citizens. These include: unjust land confiscation of land belonging to south Yemenis, also half a million south Yemenis have been unfairly and arbitrarily deprived of work either through halting them at their homes or through illegal early retirement. Furthermore, their salaries and pensions are subject to regular suspension, deduction and repeated extortion.

Complaints made to the government have fallen on deaf ears. Hence, Southern Yemenis have submitted various memorandums to the international community including the General Assembly, and the European Union asking them to intervene and help end the occupation of South Yemen.

The leading organization heading this appeal is the Southern Democratic Assembly or “TAJ”, which had also helped form various other organizations including: the Association for the Ousted Military, Security and Civilian Officers and Employees, Youth and Unemployed Association, Owners of Confiscated Lands’ Association, Academics Association and Revolutionaries among others. “TAJ” has now warned Sana’a ‘s authorities that their threats will not deter ongoing
protests and demonstrations and it will continue to demand their human rights despite several casualties and violence perpetrated by Saleh’s regime. “TAJ” has also made appeals to various NGOs and foreign embassies to witness and
reveal the atrocities committed by the government and pressure the existing regime to stop the violations and discrimination.