Nation-states often exhibit strangely human behavior for being theoretical non-living actors. One instance of this is their inability to back away from a fight once tensions have risen.

Arguably, the tiff between the United States and Iran could be no more than the result of personal politics between Ahmedinejad and Bush but there is enough national antipathy between these two nations that the inability of the United States to step back and put less pressure on Iran is most likely the result of a still ever present fear that Iran is a bastion of evil and hatred.

Of course, there is evidence to the contrary. Reports released two weeks ago from our very own government’s intelligence stated that Iran had not been pursing nuclear capabilities since 2003 and other reports from as recently as mid-2007 confirm that no efforts have been made to restart these programs.

Now we have the issue of Russia supplying Iran with enriched uranium fuel rods for their power plants, and the US is still looking for fights. Bush did not support the Russian action, looking to further intimidate Iran with international solidarity that included Russian and Chinese support. This shipment, however, proves to the world that Russia does not agree with the harsh stance the US has adopted. Trying to use this to his advantage as best he could, Bush commented that now Iran would not require its own enrichment operations, as they were receiving them from abroad.

I wonder though, why do we keep asking this of Iran if we know they are not enriching for weapons capabilities? I believe this administration, in spite of the quagmire that is Iraq, has done a very good job of instilling fear of Iran in the American populace. This is something I hear echoed in my coworkers’ conversations here in the Midwest especially, time and time again; they are certain that Iran is just a step away from blasting the US to nothingness. Just because there is evidence that says that while Iran might not be 100% wholesome fun for the whole family, maybe they aren’t as bad as we have been portraying, doesn’t mean that the government can just stop touting them as a ferocious enemy. That might suggest that the Bush administration is just crying wolf. Until we have an administration that can still hold their heads up high while they say “circumstances are not as bad as we predicted” we will have this sticky behavior of being unable to back down from a fight, and we run the risk of never being able to retify hatreds.