So we all know how cumbersome and frustrating the bureaucracy of voting can be. And for those of us who live abroad, the process is even more confusing!

As part of my effort to ‘walk the walk’ as the responsible citizen I strive to be, I–like many others–have always voted absentee in the state where I’m registered. However, the other night I attended an event hosted by the Young Democrats Abroad UK and received some great news. The Democratic National Convention (DNC) has implemented a new initiative to simplify the voting process for American citizens living abroad (at least those planning to vote Democrat, that is). For the first time ever, the DNC has allotted 22 delegate positions to Democrats Abroad.

Lopaka Purdy, a friend of mine–and fellow Democrat Abroad–recently created a fantastically informative and easy-to-use voting guide for Americans living overseas. In his guide, Lopaka explains the Global Primary in these words:

"This means that essentially Democrats Abroad will be the ’51st State’ at the DNC in Denver in August. By joining Democrats Abroad you will be able to vote in their Global Presidential Primary where members of Democrats Abroad all over the world will be voting for the 22 delegates. So if you aren’t able to vote in your home state primary, this gives you another option to vote in a primary. The Global Presidential Primary will take place from Feb 5-12. You can either cast a ballot through the mail (one will be sent to you at the end of January once you join Democrats Abroad) or you can vote in person at two ‘voting centers’ in London and Oxford on Feb 5th."

**Obviously, the last sentence is meant for Americans living in the UK but I know they’ve made similary arrangements in Canada and probably other countries as well.

For more information on the Democrats’ Global Primary and the registration process, visit the Democrats Abroad website

For all you Republicans out there, the Republican National Convention (RNC) has not yet allocated any delegate positions to Republicans Abroad (despite the efforts of the Republicans Abroad administrators to make that happen).

Happy Voting Everyone!!!