In being dubbed the “arts/culture guru” in the office I am becoming more and more inclined to notice the more shameful aspects of the current culture in the U.S.  If you have ever spoken to me about politics, you know that I am always constantly vying for a paradigm shift in this country.  I am not the only person who understand that the negative aspects of our culture (i.e. excess, materialism, apathy, greed, corruption) are slowly and surely taking us to a place where most of us will want to leave the country and set up shop in Canada (Canada is just my place of choice, I’m sure yours is very different).  That’s why it has become so vital to recognize the positive things our culture is doing  as a response to this.  An example of this: Tina Fey.

Now I’m sure most of you have recognized the wonderful shot of adrenaline that Ms. Fey has not only injected into Saturday Night Live, but into the NBC programming line up as well (30 Rock is the bees knees in case you haven’t heard and I will definitely be the first to admit I caught that train a bit late).  She also has created films that examine a lot of the interesting dynamics that females both young and old have to face in day to day life here in the U.S (high school tribal warfare in Mean Girls and surrogate motherhood via Baby Momma)

However very recently Ms. Fey has been portraying one of our Vice Presidential candidates during this political season of Saturday Night Live.  Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 3 months or so, you have witnessed this imitation which for all intents and purposes is nowhere near being the highest form of flattery.  The best part of Ms. Fey’s work is that Mrs. Palin consistently makes Fey’s job all the easier.  A lot of the quips aimed at Sarah Palin are merely pulled verbatim from the Governor’s speeches, interviews, and debates.  This is one of the few short times in Saturday Night Live political history where word for word phrases are consistently utilized by the comedians on the show to demonstrate the ineptitude of a candidate.  (I can think of another character, he’s from Texas and uses the word strategery a lot).

This to me suggests that our political leaders are for one reason or another degrading in quality.  If comedians and satirists merely have to quote what you say in order to get a laugh from the audience then that’s a surefire sign of that leader or potential leaders’ ability to govern us.   I would like to go back to a time when our leaders had to push our satirists to come up with hilarious material for our enjoyment.  Now it seems like shooting fish in a barrel.  If you can only be satirized based on things you don’t have control over (i.e. John McCain being compared to a lizard on The Daily Show, he has no control over the fact he blinks a hell of a lot and has dry lips) instead of the words you say or the actions you take, then you must be a strong enough leader for us.  For the media plays such a strong role in dissecting everything a leader in the public eye does, that the ability to remained composed at all times becomes a skill in and of itself that we as the American public should embrace.

Arya Zarrinkelk