So the fabulous Ms. Suzie Sheetz, one of our Regional Coordinators for our Midwestern Region turned me on to this organization called Be Extraordinary. Their self-described niche is as follows:

“This site allows you to create a challenge for charity. It’s kind of like a madlib. “I will ___________ if $_____________ is raised for ______________ charity.”

Some people have agreed to wear a mustache for a week, others to wear spandex, others apparently have agreed to tie themselves at the heel to their best friend when they go out.

I personally love this idea, for it promotes individual creativity to serve the greater good. It has got me thinking to what I would be willing to do to raise funds and the only thing I can think of is growing a beard or some sort of facial hair combination for charity. For reference sake examine the below picture.

Arya's beard at 3 months.

Arya's beard at 3 months

One can imagine that if I were to let things grow out for a longer period of time things would get quite hairy (pun intended). So if you want to see Arya growing facial hair for charity, know it is QUITE a possibility.

This type of model suggests that the future of philanthropy projects will be linked to the ingenuity and creativity of those who are driving the project. I don’t know if these types of projects would have been successful a decade ago due to the lack of exposure and outreach. The internet continues to transform the landscape of every facet of our existence, especially for us, the saving world facet of our lives. I am excited to see what the next phase of philanthropy’s evolution will look like