Dear Friends,

I came across this blog earlier this week and it made me think about the state of online forums (read: banter).  The initiator of this blog post, had some validity to her statements, yet (as one of the posted comments read) her lack of tact (in my eyes) discredited her argument greatly.  The thing I find the most interesting about this post is the reaction it elicited from so many different people.  In most situations I am all for dialog and discussion, but only when it’s face to face or voice to voice.  I too have found myself in situations where I attempt at making a point vis a vi a post and the other person responds in the same manner, inciting an endless cycle of online arguments that usually never end up anywhere besides making one of the posters upset.   It is just too difficult to get one’s point across without being able to fully respond/adapt to the other person’s response.  There is always too much that can be said in conversations like these, but cannot due to thoughts needing to be succinct and to the point.  Online conversations like the above one, I personally feel are an exercise in futility for unless one can speak voice to voice to an opposing side, the argument can continue.  In theory this could be a good idea, but in practice it is not.  I’m not saying do not pursue or ask for greater clarity, I’m just letting you know my personal experience with that stuff (regardless of the issue).

With that said I end this letter asking all of you to think twice before getting into an online argument through a post board.  Even though this thing called the internet is fantastic, a lot of time it can cause you a huger headache than you would like.


Arya Zarrinkelk