Then consider attending the University of New England or Ripon College, who are combating global warming (and small parking lots) by providing their incoming freshmen with a free bicycle. The bikes come with the condition that students do not bring a car to campus – and that’s essentially it. The bike is yours to use as long as you like, and when you graduate or get tired of it, you can even sell it and make some money off the deal.

How cool is that?

Ripon calls it a Velorution, a “global social movement wherein the bicycle is part of the solution to problems of obesity, traffic congestion, fuel consumption, pollution and the erosion of communities to urban sprawl.” That’s a pretty remarkable array of things to be able to fight all at once. And did I mention that you get a free bike?

Want to join the movement? Bring this idea to your campus! Tell your administration that your school should be clean, green, socially responsible and fun, too. Worried about the numbers? Ripon put down an investment of $50,000 to start their Velorution – that’s eight students’ tuition at an average public university. Two students at a private college. So, grab one to seven friends and go tell your administration that you want a free bike, please!