No one should pat themselves on the back after Tuesday night. I understand that we as a nation united to elect an unprecedented candidate as President of these United States, however, I am disgusted with myself and my fellow man for allowing another unsung group of people to continue being denied equality; homosexuals.

If you know anything about me, you know that I believe in the power of love and beauty and anyone who is denied to officially declare their love for another person based on gender is wrong. The fact that the United States has elected a black president doesn’t mean anything, if another group of people are not allowed to marry who they wish. To think that we have evolved as a nation is absurd for if the creed “all men are created equal” does not apply to homosexual men then we are failing to uphold “these self-evident truths.” I don’t understand how we as a nation can think we have evolved when there are people in this country who still do not have the same rights as others.

As a citizen of California I have always touted her as the shining beacon for the rest of the country to look towards in regards to policy making. Yet now I am ashamed and disappointed that we were not able to continue upholding that standard. I just have to remind myself on a long enough time line the conservative values that historically we as a nation hold on to, will be let go for the new sets of values that the intersection of time and culture dictate. I just wish that people would be accepting of it now and not delay the inevitable even more.

On an interesting side note, some California celebrities are not taking this lying down. Check out Melissa Etheridge