Faithful America is an interfaith organization that works for many of the same things AID does–an end to poverty, diplomacy, economic security, the prevention of climate change, an end to hate speech, etc.  It’s founder, Tom Perriello, ran for congress in Virginia. This hateful ad was launched against him by his opponent.

The ad accuses Parriello of supporting gay marriage and “apologizing to Arabs” for the U.S. troops, stating that Parriello is “perfect for New York, too liberal for us.” A mosque flashes in the background as this accusation is made. What actually happened is that Faithful America ran ads in Iraq apologizing for the mistreatment in Abu Gharib.

Parriello won by a very narrow margin, but a few things bother me about this campaign that ran against him. First of all, the fact that we have become such a partisan, divided nation. The fact that calling someone “perfect for New York” can be an insult is an illustration of this. Parriello in fact grew up in southern VA but went to law school at Yale and then worked for a NY firm for a few years. This should not make him less competent to represent Virginians. The second thing that bothers me is that a mosque as shown as an insult to Parriello. His efforts for interfaith cooperation and diplomacy are a reason why conservatives should not vote for him? I hate that our country has divided into “us” “them” categories: Muslim, Christian, Northernern, Southerner, Gay, and Straight.

-Liza Butler-