With a historic election behind us and the current state of our nation, the country is posed to head in a different direction than it has been for the last eight years. As we speak, Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is hosting the Governors’ Global Climate Summit in Beverly Hills, California. Bringing together leaders from around the world, the objective is to provide a framework for the UN Climate Conference held next month in Poland. What is intriguing about this summit is the creation of a bipartisan alliance among governors in our country. Although the federal government has not ratified the Kyoto Protocol, 10 states have created an initiative and 902 cities are committed to meet or exceed its standards.  Two of the leading governors orchestrating this commitment are both Republicans representing 54.5 million Americans. Governor Schwarzenegger and one of his co-hosts, Governor Charlie Crist of Florida, are leading the American commitment to compact our environmental impact. Schwarzenegger has been criticized for his provisions made to Title 24, an energy efficiency policy for residential and non-residential buildings; however environmental enthusiasts embrace it. Crist made national headlines this year with his purchase of some 181,000 acres of land that will eventually, once again, become a part of the Everglades. In what was known as the U.S. Sugar Deal, it will be one of the largest environmental acquisitions in U.S. history. Today is the second day of the summit and it will be interesting to see what the leaders of today will do for the world tomorrow. In the times in which we live, it is imperative we have the leadership to progress our society toward a collaborative effort that will affect all of humanity.