I am Donald Lefeber, a recent graduate from the University of St. Thomas University in Houston, Texas in International Studies and Spanish. This week is the beginning of my tenure as a Global Health AID Political Analyst. My interests revolve around Health, International Development, Intercultural Studies and Medical Anthropology.

Currently, I am pursuing my interests of Health through my research on alternative medicines titled,”Comlimentary and Alternative Medicine in the Modern Healthcare System: Essential Aspect of Integrated Medical Practice or Just Quackery?”. This article I will report on in the near future in my blog.

Another project that I am preparing for this Satuday November 22, which was sparked by interests in International Development is a Philippines Poverty Basketball Fundraiser and Awareness Event here in Houston. We are seeking to help poverty in the Philippines, which is my mom’s native country by donating all our proceeds to the Pnoy Apparel’s “Shirt the Kids” Campaign and the Philippines Children’s Fund. The Pnoy Apparel is a Filipino Clothing company who’s mission is to inform and proclaim the Philippines culture, politics, history through their products. With the “Shirt the Kids” they are “putting a shirt on poverty” by donating a specifically designed t-shirt to children in the Philippines as a token of hope and care and also donating proceeds to the Philippines Children’s Fund. We have information on our event website, <HoopforKidsPI.com>