Yesterday, December 1st, or the 20th annual World AIDS Day, 5 incredible women came together at Georgetown University Medical Center to talk about the Feminization of HIV/AIDS. Their discussion took the form of a panel sponsored by Americans for Informed Democracy (AID), American Medical Student Association (AMSA), University Coalitions for Global Health (UCGH), Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), and the Georgetown Medical AIDS Advocacy Network (GMAAN) to host a panel for World AIDS Day on the feminization of HIV. The Panel included experts Jacqui Patterson form Women of Color United, Paola Barahona of PreventionWorks and Physicians for Human Rights, Carolyn Massey of Massmer Associates, and Crystal Lander from the center for Developemnt and Population Activities (CEDPA). The panel was a great success, due in main part to the views and perspectives of these women. The panel was also webcasted, and had more than 80 online and in-person viewers.

Probably most compelling was each woman’s perspective on why this thought HIV rates among women were increasing so dramatically. Each woman had a unique perspective, be it as a woman or color, an HIV+ individual, a community organizer, a doctor, an international health worker, or a combination of these designations.

All in all, the event was a great success, and a video podcast of the event will be available shortly here.