The present condition of the United States economy has led President-elect Obama  to focus much of his first term on reinvesting in the United States’ infrastructure.  With crumbling roadways, turbulent energy costs, rising unemployment, change in the global climate, and a system with gaping holes in it, the United States is posed for a make over.  The difficult task is in deciding where to begin.  In doing so, the United States should look to a small country in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates, where the country’s capital is developing the worlds first zero carbon, zero waste city.

In what is known as the Masdar Initiative, it is a global, collaborative, development between the top of academia and the innovative corporations of this planet.  With a capacity of sum 50,000 residents, the car-less city will produce zero emissions as well as zero waste with itsMasdar Initative recycling of goods.  Powered by solar panels and wind turbines, the city will become a producer of technology rather than just a consumer.

As America is in dire need for the creation of jobs, there is an entire industry sitting idly as other countries take advantage of it.  Putting together their most educated minds in a capitalistic environment, there are countries that are transforming into self-sustaining, self-reliant states.  Producing their own energy, growing crops, development of efficient mass transit, while all the more creating a competitive future for their citizens.  It is time that we build the cities of tomorrow, today.