In an article published on my birthday, the New York Times reported that  Wall Street bankers that have lost their jobs during the recent economic downturn have begun gravitating towards more creatively inclined jobs, like film making and comedy. I personally am always for people tapping into the creativity that lies within them.  Everyone has this ability and I am glad that those bankers who had an inclination to do this kind of creative work before, now have an opportunity to pursue as such.

I love the fact that even people in completely different walks of life from the creative community still deep down inside align themselves with making art.  In my mind this proves my theory about everyone having a creative ability within them.  If Wall St. can tap into the light why can’t all of us?

This type of trend just excites me for what the future may hold for the evolution of art and culture.  It remains to be seen what shall emerge from this continued increase of the creatively inclined.