The same day the Commission of Police denied the IV People’s Summit permit to march today in Port of Spain, this from caribbeanfreephoto:

On Thursday 16 April, as final preparations are being made for the staging of the 5th Summit of the Americas in Trinidad, a group of artists will do a performance installation on the streets of Trinidad and Tobago’s capital, Port of Spain.

The silent procession is part of a video installation being created by the band’s designers Ashraph Ramsaran and Shalini Seereeram.

T’in Cow Fat Cow debuted as an independent mas band in 2009, inspired by the song T’in Cow by 3 Canal.

The procession takes place on the streets of Port of Spain between 9 and 11 and started at that traditional seat of people’s democracy, Woodford Square.

The People Must be Herd manifesto

T’in Cow Fat Cow – The People must be Herd.

“Dey belly full but we hungry
And right about now we angry
And de reason dat we angry
Is because we belly hungry

Tin Cow tin cow green grass dey over so
Fat cow de butcher callin yuh
Watch for yuh head ah warnin yuh
Otherwise in de pot yuh goin to go.”

T’in Cow, 3 Canal

“We represent the voiceless. The many thousands of Trinbagonians outside of the Red Zone. Whose tax dollars are being invested in a display that does not address their most urgent concerns.

New buildings, a repaved highway, painted lamp posts and hidden homeless do not mean that we are on the road to development.

In the midst of the Summit performance we ask, who is seeking the interests of the voiceless? Who is spending many many millions to address our concerns. Who is listening? Who will suffer the most in the face of a global economic meltdown?

The people of high risk communities must be heard.
The missing children must be heard.
The homeless people must be heard.
The women and children who live with abuse every day must be heard.
The people who will lose employment in the aftermath of the Summit must be heard.
The people of communities in danger of environmental destruction must be heard.
The physically challenged must be heard.”

After the cows ran out of copies of their manifesto, spokescow Gladys was forced to read the text off the screen of a MacBook Pro.