As Iranians around the world head to the polls for a hotly contested presidential election, I thought I would post some of the most interesting stories and analysis I have seen…

The New York Times thinks that regardless of who wins this election, the democratic energy that has been rocking the country will leave its mark on the political process.  “If [Ahmadinejahd] wins a second term, many here are now asking what will become of the “green wave” — the name given to the vast crowds of people who have filled the streets in recent weeks dressed in the signature color of the Moussavi campaign, demanding change.”

There is expected to be record high voter turnout.  This could be extremely important, given the fact that Ahmadinejahd has strong support in the rural areas and Mousavi has mobilized urban voters.  The election could boil down to which demographic group shows up to the polls.

Foreign Policy has a photoessay covering the recent campaigning.  I find it interesting that so many of the photos feature women.  I wonder if this is representative of the campaigners: are women actually the majority of the crowd?  Or is this just because foreign journalists are fascinated by the idea that veiled women are politically active?

Global Voices Online has some great election coverage, including a piece on Iranian bloggers’ reactions to the televised debate between Ahamadinejahd and Mousavi.

Finally, and most importantly, Foreign Policy is already reporting that more than 70% of eligible Iranian’s voted and that some are already declaring Mousavi the winner.  We’ll have to wait to for the officical results, but what some have been calling the “Green Revolution” may have prevailed.