“Who decides about food policies?”

“Who controls food producing resources?”

“How is food produced?”

“Who has/needs access to food?”

For the first time in history, the growing numbers of the hungry has surpassed the one billion mark.  Such numbers pose a huge risk to world peace and security.

In order to keep the challenge of food insecurity on top of the international agenda, the FAO convened a World Summit on Food Security this past weekend in Rome.

But, while heads of state met in the stately buildings of the UN, just one Metro station away, hundreds of farmers, fisherfolk, pastoralists, indigenous organizations, women’s groups and urban poor organizations gathered at a parallel summit to demand a new framework for inclusive, grassroots food security–food sovereignty.

Representing 93 countries,  the People’s Forum on Food Sovereignty offered stories about real hunger, land grabbing, eviction, discrimination because they are women and the neglect of their knowledge and their traditions.  The forum

If we are to eradiccate of the roots causes of hunger and poverty, those most affected by hunger–food producers and their communities–must have a seat at the table.

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People’s Food Sovereignty Forum, Rome 13-17 novembre 2009 – video