This December, I’ll be one of a handful of students from Iowa who’ll be attending the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.  World leaders will attempt to put together a climate change agreement to replace the Kyoto Protocol, and I’ll be there to observe and report on the proceedings. In Copenhagen I’ll join thousands of young people from all across the world who’ll form the first officially recognized youth delegation – youth who will be advocating for an effective international climate change treaty.

I decided to create The Road to Copenhagen blog as a way to chronicle and share my experiences, but also to open up the process to the widest audience possible.  The Road to Copenhagen, will follow the most recent developments leading up to Copenhagen and highlight perspectives that often get overlooked in the media—those of youth, delegates from developing countries (who disproportionately suffer the worst effects from global warming), and other activists.

The COP15 might possibly be the most important and the most challenging international gathering of our or any other generation.  Despite efforts to undermine the scientific consensus behind global warming, the facts are clear; the earth’s temperature is rising and human activity is driving it.  While most leaders acknowledge that fact, we still aren’t sure what type of agreement Copenhagen will produce.

World leaders and delegates of 192 nations will be in attendance, but what happens in Copenhagen—its successes or failures—will impact the world’s six billion people.

Power concedes nothing without demand.  While blogs alone won’t solve the world’s problems, they offer spaces for people-generated media.  So keep an eye on what’s happening, join the conversation, post a comment and, if interested, author a post.

It’s time to shed the dirty energy economy of the past.  It’s a new day, and long past due.  Let’s get to work!

I hope to hear from you soon!