Want to have an impact on the Copenhagen climate negotiations (but still study for finals?)  Join the Copenhagen Rapid Response Team!

Dec. 7-19, the Energy Action Coalition, its partners, and youth delegates in Copenhagen will be coordinating rapid response team of hundreds of people so that on a moments notice we can generate thousands of phone calls, get our message out to the media, and effectively mobilize together.

The goal of this rapid response team is no small task: to affect the U.S. negotiation position. But if enough of us engage in a timely way together, we can do just that by:

– Using the media to paint a picture of Copenhagen and our expectations for the negotiations and the Obama Administration
– Demonstrating grassroots support for bold action

To find out more and to sign up, visit: http://www.powershift09.org/rapidresponse

Also, if you’re looking for the latest youth generated media around the negotiations, check out the following blogs:






And OneWorld.net is broadcasting live! Check out their site and web portal here: http://us.oneworld.net/