On Monday, March 22nd, the International (Reproductive Health) Youth Speak Out Tour, sponsored by AIDemocracy’s Global Health Program and Advocates for Youth, arrived at Western Kentucky University. After a day of raising awareness on campus, WKU students traveled to the William H. Natcher Federal Building to pay a visit to Senator Mitch McConnell. Their activism garnered some exciting local news coverage. Check out the article and accompanying video here:

Students Join Together for the Cause
from WBKO.com – Bowling Green’s local news affiliate

Western Kentucky University students join youth activists from Nigeria and Jamaica to spread the word about youth sexual and reproductive rights.

The students paid a visit to Senator Mitch McConnell in order to increase U.S funding for global reproductive health to raise awareness of an everyday problem

Both youth activists and WKU students say this meeting has the potential to do alot of great things.

“And to show you its all over the states actually, we’re quite similar and there’s a need, there’s a need to create awareness with these issues,” said Maxsalia Salmon, a youth activist.

“Well this is definitely just the beginning so we had the event now we engaged some students, hopefully the students will follow-up with us,” said Matt Vaughn, WKU Junior. “And we can have a meeting like this.”

The activists will continue their journey to eight more states after leaving Kentucky.

Check out the television coverage here!