CARE partner YouthNoise recently interviewed CARE Policy Analyst Milkah Kihunahin an effort to highlight the issue of gender-based violence and encourage YouthNoise members to take action by supporting the International Violence Against Women Act. Read the complete interview and watch video here>

The International Violence Against Women Act is a piece of bi-partisan legislation that seeks to respond to violence against women in foreign countries.  Areas of conflict like the Democratic Republic of Congo are well known for the abuses that women suffer at the hands of armies and militias alike.  With increased violence prevention that would come from IVAWA, women who have suffered abuse could get the support that they need.

Violence against women is not limited to rape, but also includes domestic abuse, child marriage, female genital mutilation and sexual abuse in schools/homes/conflict areas.

Only 28 senators and 48 members of the House of Representatives have expressed their support for this bill.  This is an important piece of legislation! Contact your Senator to let Congress know the importance of this legislation!