Peace is something that mankind has strived for since our ancestors left the swamps and began to build civilizations. It is what prompted pilgrims to leave Europe in hopes for a new start and huddled masses to chance everything for something better. It is the creed of our United Nations and it is a value in the lives of every American. But the question is how do we find the road to peace? Is it the UN? Is it through our Government? Is it in academia, the Peace Corps, churches, special panels, or non-profits? The road to peace is simpler than we think; it is You and I, who believe that peace comes when individuals gather for a greater cause than themselves.  We believe that peace is something that is a right to all. You and I know (and do not merely believe) that life is so dear and peace so sweet as to be purchased at chains of slavery to others. Peace is something that must be given and must be able to live on its own – and that is where we come in. Individuals are the key to the road to peace.

The road to peace is long and at times it seems difficult, but it is the drive of individuals pushing forward, that the cause is greater than their self.  There are American civilians in Afghanistan working at the International School of Kabul, , working to help give a better education to the future of that country and through that education, build peace.  I have the honor of friendship with one of the people there who has shared with me the following:

“I enjoy my work well enough and God proves Himself faithful time and time again. Really to watch God love these people who have known nothing but war and death for generations is incredible and humbling. Some of our students lost families to assassination. The pain in their eyes is so terrible yet they come to school because there is peace and the freedom to find joy. It’s such a privilege to witness God’s unwavering love through pain and tears. The horribleness that we do seldom see seems insignificant to what we see every day….hope for Afghanistan.”

I have also had the privilege to know a friend that attends a church from Massachusetts who adopted a town in South America to build a school and a better future for its people.  It is here that the road to peace is built, through the work of individual people.

To build peace we must build it together, it is a simple answer because to build peace we cannot let up or back away from its call. If we dedicate ourselves to the simple ideas of life and liberty so duly entrusted to America than we can never fail in this objective of a more peaceful world through the simple acts of humanity. The UN, our government, entities and institutes are just viaducts to allow us to make peace possible.  So you see the road to peace is simple, it is you and I who have the courage to say to the world that peace and security is not something that can be purchased at the chains of slavery.  We have tools that we can use to build the road to peace and it is up to us to use them or waste them.

The International School of Kabul

In May Our United Nations will be reviewing the Non Proliferation treaty, NPT, beginning May 3rd.

Our United Nations is dedicated to the principles of peace and security – the main objective of the UN and the role of the Security Council.,,

The US Institute of Peace is also a great help in peace and determining what it is that helps to rebuild war torn nations. They hold events, seminars, and simulations on all sorts of issues. They are greatly beneficial to anyone who wishes to be involved in the peace process.,,,

There is also The Foreign Policy Association which was founded in 1918 after the First World War.

The State Department and USAID are also gateways to the road for peace.,,