In the past few weeks, there have been some major developments in the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf.  To recap before going on, on April 20, 2010 the BP oil rig Deepwater Horizon platform in the the Gulf of Mexico broke and caused millions of gallons to spill into the Gulf of Mexico, along with causing the deaths of 11 workers on the rig.  Since then, there have been several solutions to try to either contain the spill and fix the hole or to gather and dispose of the emerging crude oil.

The most recent developments include a plan to capture the oil and separate it from the water, allowing both the water and the oil to be reused as clean water and clean oil.  This is the plan that Kevin Costner has been promoting since the start of the oil spill.  Reports have come in that have claimed that had the centrifuge device been used since the beginning of the spill, it would have saved millions of  gallons of oil from leaking into the Gulf and saving the marine life surrounding the spill.  Whether or not this is true is hard to tell (always seems like a good plan looking back on it!), but at the moment it is the best plan in place.  The centrifuges have not been able to decrease the oil content in the water significantly enough to be able to put the water back into the ocean, but they are currently working to correct this issues.

Secondly, and the point from which the title of this post comes, several organizations have filed lawsuits against BP, and BP has been brought before Congress, to testify about the spill and any possible neglect or missteps on the part of BP.  Food and Water Watch has filed charges about neglect on BP’s part of safety measure, particularly in relation to their other Gulf rig, the Atlantis.  They are continuing to work toward increased safety precautions on the Atlantis to ensure that a spill of this magnitude does not happen again. Similarly, Earth Justice has filed no less than 8 lawsuits against BP for their lack of compliance with safety measure.  All of these actions frame BP as a ‘climate criminal’ that has destroyed the environment through negligence.

As recently as yesterday, Lousiana overruled President Obama’s suspension of offshore drilling, allowing Big Oil to return to the Gulf and continue to drill. This, combined with continued pressure from the right to expand offshore drilling, will make it much harder for people concerned with the health of the environment to win against Big Oil and their drive to drill.

Organizations like Energy Action Coalition and Rainforest Action Network and many others joined together for Hand Across the Sand on June 26th.  This was a campaign to promote the use of clean energy by standing hand in hand on beaches around the US.  The goal was to ‘draw a line in the sand’ against use of oil, coal and other destructive non-renewable resources in favor of renewable clean energy.  Check out pictures from the events here!