I had the opportunity to see this important and disturbing film on its opening night last Friday. Countdown to Zero provides a glimpse at how unstable nuclear weapons really are, vulnerable to “accident, madness and miscalculation”: Al Qaeda has been trying to get a nuclear weapon for years, in the 1990s Russia almost fired weapons at the US after misinterpreting a research rocket launched from Norway to study the Northern Lights as an attack, and the technology and materials to make a weapon are increasingly available. The film makes you want to get out and do something to eliminate the over 23,000 nuclear weapons still in existence today.  Luckily, it provides just that opportunity, offering links to the Global Zero campaign. Let’s not forget Congress will soon debate ratification of the new START treaty as well. There’s lots to do, and the time is now. The movie is in theaters now, or on loan from the AIDemocracy library as soon as it’s released on video.