On Monday this week, I had the chance to make a call to my state’s senator, Senator Webb. I spoke with one of his aides to relay my message urging him to sign onto The International Violence Against Women Act and to support it when it comes to a vote before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. I was one of the many people calling in on Monday, as many calls in one day sends a strong message when the daily report of constituent input is given to the senator. Senator Webb is believed to be a critical vote in pushing IVAWA forward, and, fortunately, the efforts of activists have prevailed– Senator Webb has now signed onto the bill!

Calling, writing letters, and visiting our senators is a crucial and direct way that we can influence policy. Our elected officials want to hear the views of their constituents and it’s our responsibility to make sure they do. Go ahead and make a call to your senator about legislation or an issue you feel strongly about–maybe you’ll convince them to act!