Most people know that Iran developing and possessing a nuclear weapon is a major problem that we have to solve, and we need to do it soon. And the latest poll from the Pew Research Center confirms that conclusion.

Public Supports Military Action Against Iran to Prevent Nuclear Weapons – Pew Research Center.

However, what the poll also shows is that although most Americans believe that we should pursue a diplomatic solution to the problem, they also, almost paradoxically believe that such efforts will ultimately fail. Therefore, a majority also said they would support military action to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. And keep in mind as well that there is not much partisan division over this approach. A majority of Democrats, Republicans and Independents support this.

I completely agree with and understand the sentiment of the people polled, Iran developing a nuclear weapon is incredibly dangerous and the problem needs to be resolved sooner rather than later. But where we differ is in the last part, the use of military force part.

Using military force to destroy whatever nuclear enrichment facilities Iran has already constructed is both ineffective and dangerous, and it will not solve the problem, it will just make it worse. And here’s why:

The facilities Iran has constructed to enrich uranium are located in densely populated urban areas and are often very deep underground. An aerial bombing would more than likely not destroy these facilities. However, even if they did, the amount of casualties and damage you would cause through such a bombing would stoke so much anger and resentment not only amongst the populace of Iran, but amongst its allies in the region, that the desire to build a bomb would spread like wildfire and would no longer be confined to mostly the officials and clerics within the Iranian government. And this explains why military action in Iran is also dangerous. Any kind of military action in Iran that is going to cause the kind of collateral damage that is expected will effectively eliminate whatever change the Green (pro-democracy) movement had a chance of making. The surge of support behind the development of Iranian national defenses, including nuclear weapons, will overwhelm whatever pro-democracy, non-miliataristic efforts are currently underway. And in the case that this does come to pass, it will probably mean that Iran will literally be three years away from making a bomb; it won’t be the kind of running joke that it has turned into. And when this happens is when we would start to panic.

Given all of these complications, the only conclusion you can reasonably come to is that diplomacy is the ONLY solution. And the sooner the American people realize that military might will not solve all of our problems, especially with regard to Iran, the better chance we will have of actually solving this problem, instead of making it worse.