Take part in the commemoration of International Youth Day, whose theme this year is “Dialogue and Mutual Understanding.”  Celebrations are occuring across the nation today, with the largest one headquarted at the United Nations in New York City, which celebrates the global launch of The International Year of Youth with musical guests, performances, and an art exhibit showcasing “Youth Perspectives on Global Issues.” As active youth committed to changing the world, we deserve to be celebrated!

One way to participate no matter where you are is through Advocates for Youth’s Blog-a-thon:

Advocates has now officially launched its International Day of Youth Blog-a-thon that runs from today until Saturday, August 14th.  This is a time and space to blog about young people and sexual and reproductive health and rights issues commemorating the start of the International Year of Youth with International Youth Day!  So, this week, go to amplifyyourvoice.org and blog about the issues that you care about alongside many other proud youth across the nation!

Read more about International Youth Day at http://www.un.org/esa/socdev/unyin/iyouthday.htm.