Just a follow-up to Wednesday’s post on flooding in Pakistan. Here is an interesting article from Ron Scherer at the Christian Science Monitor. He argues that the tepid response to the disaster is, at least in some respects, a direct result of corruption in the Pakistani government. Many Pakistani-Americans, Scherer reports, have declined to donate money because they fear the Pakistani government will divert money away from relief efforts. Their fears are probably not unfounded – indeed, it sometimes seems every natural disaster is followed by allegations of officials attempting to profit from relief funds.

That said, the situation in Pakistan is particularly dire and stands only to get worse in the near-term. Moreover, a number of international nonprofits are currently collecting funds to support their own relief efforts. While there can be no guarantees, it would seem that donations made through these organizations are more likely to reach their intended recipients.

Three internationally recognized relief organizations with strong track records for effectively delivering aid are: Oxfam, Care, and World Vision. Each of these organizations is accepting donations for flood relief, which can be accessed here, here, and here. Giving your dollars to these organizations would be a wise choice and a good deed.