So this past weekend I had the privilege of traveling as part of the AIDemocracy delegation to the Millennium Campus Conference in New York City, which coincided with the important Millennium Development Goals Summit happening at the UN. The conference brought together young activists around advocating for the achievement of the MDGs by 2015. We heard from an impressive array of NGO leaders and powerful speakers, but the most engaging moment for me came outside of the conference itself.

Myself and two others in the AIDemocracy delegation had the chance to dress up as part of a stunt with ActionAid as farm animals. As soon as I heard the potential animals I called the goat, while my fellow animals were a chicken and a cow.

We were representing the farm animals of women in developing countries, and we were there to advocate on their behalf. Women farmers, if empowered and supported, can help achieve the MDGs. They are closest to those that are living in conditions of poverty and hunger, and have the power to dramatically affect those communities. This was a great opportunity for me to come to the center of the development talks, and participate in a high level stunt like this. Various media outlets came out to film and take pictures, and it was a very empowering experience.

I know this goat is going to continue advocating for those living in extreme poverty and hunger. My battle cry is still reverberating in my head, “Support my farmer, she can fight hunger!” Will you step up to be an advocate for her too?

Below is a brief video about the stunt.