A post by one of our student MDG champions and Issue Analysts- Elizabeth Con, College of Charleston.

StandUp NYC, held in Lincoln Center on September 19th, spread awareness of the Millenium Development Goals and the organizations that have been working to achieve them.  The event was especially relevant because it held on the eve of the UN MDG Summit 2010, which brought together world leaders to discuss the MDG goals.

I thought StandUp NYC was a great event because it had various things for people to engage in: music, speakers, and information tables for organizations who support the MDGs.  I personally enjoyed walking around to the various tables (and getting some great freebies like pins and pens!) and speaking with representatives from the organizations.  I had never heard of some of the organizations out there and it was such a great opportunity to learn more and to see how I could get involved. One of the groups that got my attention was one advocating for road safety.  I never thought of road safety as being a human right, or as something that we would actually have to work to improve, but in many parts of the world, people are killed each day because their roads are not safe and laws are not enforced.

I enjoyed listening to the speakers, especially because each one spoke for only about 15 minutes each.  This was great for me because out there in the sun, I wouldn’t have been able to keep my attention on one speaker for too long.  Each speaker had such an interesting take on the MDGs and their backgrounds were so different that it was great to hear each of their perspectives.

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One last thing about StandUp NYC is that by the time I left Lincoln Center (with two tote bags full of pamphlets and brochures), I felt inspired and ready to plan events and get students on my campus excited and willing to work together to achieve the MDGs.  The representatives from organizations were all so friendly and eager to help that I have even e-mailed a few of them to learn how we can work together towards progress on the MDGs.