The Empowerment of the Younger Generation

By Leticia Brandon
Leticia is one of AIDemocracy’s 2010-2011 Issue Analysts. Find out more about Leticia below or take a look at the  
Student Issue Analysts.

In today’s society the younger generation can be described as empowered. This young group of individuals has the unique opportunity of reconstructing and reviving international affairs. Taking on a more active role in society is a concept that is growing like never before.

This new found interest is much needed. So many aspects of the global society need assistance such as health, food security, climate change, war, etc. As the new leaders of the world we are able to look at the efforts made by our predecessors and improve on their methods. It has long been the ideal of the world of allowing the richest superpowers to dominate the conversations and resolutions of international affairs.

However, in this new era everyone has a spot at the table. Additionally, there is a need of viewing all the worlds’ issues as a whole. One issue cannot be tackled alone because they are all interconnected. Therefore, we as young citizens must take a holistic approach towards these international issues and partner with other’s  across the globe in a unified attempt to create positive changes within society in a way that satisfies everyone as much as possible. In order to connect with other young leaders across the globe, we must take advantage of the new technology that time has granted us. Blogs, video chats and online forums are new tools that can allow us to communicate with other young leaders in order to inform and solicit resolutions. Educating others is a large key towards the success of international affairs as well as making sure one’s voice is heard. Age does not equate to success and distance should not be a limitation. There is still much that can be done in society as a young citizen without even leaving one’s college campus or even laptop.

My name is Leticia. I am a senior at UNC Chapel Hill majoring in Global Studies with a concentration in Global Health as well as a double minor in Social and Economic Justice and Anthropology. I hope to obtain a Masters in Public Health and work in Health Policy. I was inspired to take on this position due to my work with hunger issues as a member of the Carolina Hunger Education and Activism Project, research on Native American Food Access and Volunteer projects on Native Health in Pembroke, NC. By having this opportunity I hope to inspire others my age to become informed on important issues in society and take the initiative to enact change.