By Moustafa Hassab-Allah
Moustafa is one of AIDemocracy’s 2010-2011 Issue Analysts. Find out more about Moustafa below or take a look at the  Student Issue Analysts.

I dream of seeing my generation changing the world, I envision them as change makers rather than conformers. Climate change is not just a hot month in the summer, it is more catastrophic than we can imagine, probably because nature did not provide its final kick. Tsunamis, floods, iceberg meltdown are just cautionary events for what is bigger.

We – young people – should not wait for the disaster to happen then fight it, instead we can better avoid it. As some countries may declare a war on terrorism, Youth can also fight for a greater cause against the threat of climate change. Each young man and woman has the will and the power to change the environment around them , interest groups and organized target campaigns became classic.

Today is the time for online technology and social media to produce a great impact. Today has never been a better time for global collaboration against climate change; I noticed Canadian & Australian youth coalition against climate change. I believe that now it is time for world youth to put hands together and communicate globally against this serious challenge. Students can reach both elders and children, helping them to realize their responsibility towards the future of this planet. We can teach the elders about how to combat floods in case of emergency; this can be done virtually across the world. Through electronic media, we can launch radio and YouTube, channels, who knows what is next, through this, we can nurture our younger brothers and sisters to grow in a green society, the one who cares about the environment and has a belief that negative human activity harms our planet and will eventually harm organisms living on it.

My name is Moustafa Hassab-Allah. I go to Cairo University in Egypt (Engineering). I believe that we – Students- are able to fulfill a promise of clean sustainable energy. We are the biggest and the most impactful group of people around the globe. This is our time to change the world.