By Nadia Elkaddi
Nadia is one of AIDemocracy’s 2010-2011 Issue Analysts. Find out more about Nadia below or take a look at the  Student Issue Analysts.

Dick York: Betty, the next time you remove the pages from my calendar, don’t throw them away.

Betty: What should I do with them?

Dick York: Use them. [showing a calendar page]. See makes perfectly good scratch paper. [Laughter]

Betty: No! I won’t cry. He’ll say I’m wasting water!

For those who were never informed by their baby-boomer parents, Dick York was stars of the hit show Bewitched. This particular episode, filmed in 1967, shows the crazy antics of Dick York who was bewitched to be cheap. Now, 43 years later, his words would not be laughed at and his actions would not be considered “cheap.” Oh how the tides have changed! We should thank our parents for that! 

But, on second thought, what have we, as their offspring’s, done?  Yes, perhaps some of us, who could afford them, are buying those Priuses instead of the Hummers- probably because these are bankrupting us at the gas stations. We’ve also started those chapters of SEA, but the question remains: are we really making progress?  I still know people who take their car all of three blocks to go food shopping, and others who walk out of the room without turning the lights off.  We have been advised it’s better to obey the energy saving tips of our elders, but we’re still uncreative in our attempts to come up with innovative ideas of our own. Maybe it is because we are still unaware of how destructive our current ways to the environment. Coal, the fuel for most power plants, is burning at an alarming rate, generating the second largest stream of industrial waste, and churning out heavy metals like arsenic, cadmium and mercury. Freon, the cooling liquid found in refrigerators and car air conditioning units releases chemicals into the air that have found to be an agent in the depletion of ozone in the atmosphere. Dwindling fossil fuels, notwithstanding, where are then the protests? Where is the uproar needed to prod the creative minds to come up with a renewable and safer energy? Are you there Rachel Carson? It’s us, the new generation still dozing.

My name is Nadia Elkaddi. I am a pre-medical student currently attending Temple University, pursuing a degree in bioengineering, a biology minor and a certificate of specialization in Arabic. I became interested in climate change and alternative energies because of it’s basis in science, and truly believe in the power of the people. In 1968,  the students at the University of Paris launched a series of protests that launched a series of protests across the country; if they can do it, so can we!