This past Sunday was 10/10/10.  Not only is this date celebrated by people who think the date is cool, by numerologists who think the date holds universal significance, and environmentalists who choose the date for a world wide day of climate action.

7347 events in 188 countries took place on Sunday to take community actions like planting community gardens, installing solar panels, and cleaning up parks.  This year’s event beat’s record of 5200 events in 181 countries, making it the biggest day of action in history.  Some sites have called the global climate movement the biggest social movement in history.  This comes as a contrast to the heads of state response to climate change, which is tepid at best. Climate change is a unifying theme that affects the entire globe, and this past Sunday showed that.

Bill McKibbon, renowned author and founder of said of the event “Politicians may still be debating climate change, but citizens are getting to work solving it.” With the upcoming elections in the US, it is more important than ever to recognize the reality of climate change and to demand action from our public officials that matches the commitment of the global community.

Check out some of the amazing photos from all around the world at!

Here is a clip of Ray from Power of One discussing why joining together for action is important for everyone and youth in particular: