If you have not, then you’re in luck because AIDemocracy has made it very easy to contact your Senator and urge them to ratify New START without delay!

New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) is the first treaty in more than a decade that calls for significant reductions in the strategic nuclear arsenals of both the United States and Russia, the two nations that possess over 95% of the world’s nuclear weapons. And it also provides for intrusive inspections and verification that each party to the treaty is holding up their end of the bargain. The treaty has received overwhelming support by both Democrats and Republicans, and it is a key first step towards achieving a world without nuclear weapons, a goal that President Obama has explicitly set for the United States.

So far, the treaty has been voted out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee with a strong bi-partisan vote and now it needs to head to the full Senate for ratification. However, there is a catch. Without New START in place, we no longer have any insight into Russia’s nuclear arsenal, and vice versa, due to the first START expiring more than a year ago. In other words, this means that we don’t really know what Russia is doing with its nuclear arsenal, and that makes everything seem a bit more on edge, which can lead to overreaction. And overreaction is something you want to avoid completely when dealing with nuclear weapons. This is why it is extremely urgent that New START be brought before the full Senate for ratification as soon as possible.

And you can help to make that happen, by e-mailing and calling your Senators and urging them to demand that New START come up for a vote ASAP and that they vote YES when it does. Our national security is at stake, and the promise of a nuclear weapon-free world can begin to be realized.