By Hannah Nemer, Peace & Security Issue Analyst

Just as insanity commences with the ever-nearing Halloween, John Stewart will be fighting insanity of a different kind – political madness. With a call to the rational, tomorrow’s “Rally to Restore Sanity” promises to draw attention to truth in an increasingly convoluted world of politics.

And attendees certainly hope to draw attention to critical, personal issues.

A response to Glenn Beck’s cries to take America back, the rally’s rational attendees hope to reverse much of the bias the media has perpetuated against Islam. Many Muslim rally-goers will sport signs reading, “Boo! I am a Muslim – and not just for Halloween!”

Embracing the satirical nature of the rally, such activists will be able to bring their message to a new and greater audience. Humor is a necessary step to overcome the notion that Muslims are distant – to be feared. Humor captures attention, breaking down social barriers.

I look forward to attending tomorrow’s rally. I come prepared for laughs, social change, and above all – rationality.