This semester has been exceedingly progressive at Kansas State University with new advocates and activists coming out of the woodwork. In September, I collaborated with other local shelters and organizations to put on a very successful “Take Back the Night” event in Lawrence, KS.

October was a busy month! We supported a fellow organization on campus, Coalition, who put on a Rave to Save to raise money for Zindagi Trust, an organization working to aid refugees affected by the flooding in Pakistan. Together, with other organizations on campus, including members of KSUAID, they raised over $700 for the cause.

Also this month, we put on our CARE 2010 MDG event. We showed the short film “Baht” and invited a fellow professor, Nadia Shapkina, from KSU to speak on the issue of Global Gender Inequality and how it prevents women from entering into the workforce in their own countries forcing them to find jobs in other countries and makes them 10 times more vulnerable to human trafficking situations. It was a very successful event with no spending and we had many students, community members, and even students from other campuses (and even Missouri and Florida) attend the event. The official headcount was 83 people in attendance. By the end of the film, we had people leave before questions, but it was a very interactive audience with numerous questions. Pictures are coming soon!

We are currently planning two major events, as well as several fundraisers for these events. These events will be happening on K-State’s campus in Manhattan, KS.

For the first event, we are planning on showing the film “Blood Diamonds” and providing alternative options for buying fair trade diamonds. We are also looking into different options in speakers such as bringing Robert Goff, a former NonProfit lawyer and expert on the issue of child soldiers. We would love any suggestions in bringing someone that has been directly affected by the issue of blood diamonds.We have successfully formed several co-sponsorships to pay for the film rights and pre-events. We are looking into different options in paying for a speaker. We are scheduled to meet with SGA about our allocated funds of $600 and we are also planning on applying for a mini-grant with AIDemocracy.

The second event is currently in the works and we have only completely planned one day, but we have a vision on how this week of events will go. The Love146 Freedom Concert will take place on Sunday, April 3rd in the Union Ballroom at Kansas State University. We have 4 local bands performing and also have formed a contract with Cloverton, a very talented Christian Rock group who does benefit concerts and is associated with Hope For Haiti. They have won many music awards and we are proud to have them come to campus! We are also working on bringing a speaker from the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking in Denver, Colorado who will come and talk to us about Trafficking on a Global Level vs. Trafficking in the US and Community Involvement. All of the proceeds for the concert will go to Love146 and the LCHT. We have filled out a Diversity Grant Application for $6,000 and we are planning on doing a couple of fundraisers and applying for mini-grants from AIDemocracy. More to come on this!

Lastly, I am working very hard to create my very own Human Trafficking NGO for the Kansas Community. We do not have an NGO in Kansas like the one I am working on building. We have various shelters and many supporting NGO’s and limited opportunities for grads to get jobs when they graduate in the field. The new NGO will provide education programs for high school and college students, teaching them about the issue and prevention. We will provide referrals and research and design programs that hopefully will be implemented in law enforcement and existing shelters to train individuals on the issue and victim’s needs. We will also plan community events, create volunteer and internship opportunities for students at KSU and other Universities, and provide jobs for those interested in this type of work. It’s a work in progress!

More to come!

RC Kristen Tebow, Kansas/Missouri Region