So after a long and rewarding time in Ohio, I bid adieu to the Columbus countryside and headed on my way up to Boston yesterday! After a brief stay with a friend of mine in the area, and some amazingly delicious made-to-order pizza for dinner, I then went to bed as I had an early morning.

I awoke at 4:00am to catch a bus to head up to Lewiston, Maine where I had a day of canvassing  and promoting for our screening that night at Bates College ahead of me. Once I got to Lewiston, I met up with our student contact Umar on the campus, who made the day seem like a breeze for me! He got a table for me right at the entrance that I was able to canvass and promote from and I got some great exposure and talked to a great amount of students who were mostly willing to sign our postcards to Senators Collins and Snowe demanding they support a world without nuclear weapons!

I then began prepping for the screening, where we had some really engaged students attend the screening. And I have to say, nothing against our previous screening audiences, that this audience challenged me the most with their questions, which is fantastic because it just tells me that they are now thinking about this issue in a deep way and will probably continue to do so long after the screening. After all, that is the whole reason for this tour. Many of those in attendance also stayed afterward to chat, pick up some literature and take some pictures articulating why they want a world free of nuclear weapons (which you will see shortly!). And many also left with one of our t-shirts…and there seemed to be universal satisfaction with our t-shirts (kudos to you Patrick, our graphic designer for the t-shirts, and ABC tees for making some awesome baseball tees)!

And now I am about ready to pass out from the long day. Tomorrow is another day here in Maine and then back to Boston I go.

Until next time,