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Although it’s taken a little while, here is the promised post on how to throw your very own Open Mic Night!   No matter where you find yourself, open mics are a great way to bring communities together and generate creativity.  College campuses are especially good places since there are often lots of places to hold open mics and/or venues with sound equipment already there.

But before I get ahead of myself….

The workshop, part of Split This Rock and led by poets Dan Wilcox, Toni Asante Lightfoot, and Reuben Jackson, included a suggested timeline for throwing the event, an equipment list, and a Q&A with the poets.  Hopefully the advice they gave will help you better bring together art and activism on or off campus.

Very quickly, what is exactly is an Open Mic, just in case some are unfamiliar? Open Mic (short for “microphone”) refers to an event, a gathering really, where people can share their art; most often it’s poetry, spoken word or readings, but open mics can include anything from songs to performance art as long as it’s cool with the organizers.  It’s referred to as “open” because anyone and everyone can sign up so long as there’s time.  People sign up on a sheet before the event starts (or email the organizers depending on the event) and then are called up to perform.

Now, on to throwing one!

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