A six-year-old girl. SIX YEARS OLD! As a human being, and especially as a woman, this makes me so mad I want to smash something.

Girl, 6, Embodies Cambodia’s Sex Industry

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (CNN) — At an age when most children
might be preparing for their first day of school, Srey, 6, already has
undergone trauma that is almost unspeakable.

She was sold to a
brothel by her parents when she was 5. It is not known how much her
family got for Srey, but other girls talk of being sold for $100; one
was sold for $10.

Before she was rescued, Srey endured months of abuse at the hands of pimps and sex tourists. (Watch where freed girl is found upon reunion with reporter Video)

from man to man, often drugged to make her compliant, Srey was a
commodity at the heart of a massive, multimillion-dollar sex industry
in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Sex slavery and human trafficking are among the worst and most pervasive human rights abuses in the world today, and exist (mainly) in cities in both the developing and developed world –from Mumbai to New York. In the United States, thousands of women, men, and children are trafficked each year, and unknown numbers of them are forced into sexual slavery. And even when not connected to trafficking, sex slavery is a huge problem unto itself.  As you will see from the CNN report I’ve linked to below, children as young as 12 are forced into prostitution in Atlanta, Georgia, while children as young as 6 are found in brothels in Cambodia, many of them having contracted HIV and developed severe psychological problems.

If you go to this CNN story, you will read about a girl rescued from a life of sex slavery in Phnom Penh, and, if you scroll down and click on the video links on the left side of the page, you will see what child sex slavery looks like right here, in the United States.

The videos are not graphic, but they are disturbing. You’ve been warned.

AID has an upcoming conference on human trafficking.

Bringing the World Home: Stopping Human Trafficking:
April 27-29, 2007
London, England