“We envision empowered communities everywhere working together democratically to advance a food system that ensures health, justice and dignity for all”

– National Family Farm Coalition (NFFC)

GMO’s, mass produced and overpriced food. Sounds delicious…right?

This is the norm of what food has become for our generation. The mass production of agriculture has led to the commodification of our food, making it over priced in the grocery store as well as hurting local farmers. Not only do these expensive veggies hurt our wallets, but could also have a negative affect on our health.

GMO’s, or genetically modified organisms, are chemically altered and could possibly have a negative impact on our bodies in the future. The scary part is we don’t know if, when or how this could occur.

While negative impacts could hurt physically, local farmers and communities face a large blow. With little disregard to human health, local growers and their choice in what to grow, agribusiness has grabbed community growers choice and freedom in farming.

According to the NFFC, the answer to modified and pricey foods is food sovereignty, or making sure that food is available, healthy and at reasonable prices. This involves de-commodifying food and putting the power back in the hands of local farmers, letting them choose what and how they grow, and which seeds they use.

The NFFC gives some tips in how to reform our food policy towards a more locally sovereign food system:

  1. Be a part of the reformation of the U.S. farm bill
  2. Grow your own garden
  3. Support farm to cafeteria projects
  4. Buy local
  5. Support local farmers in trade debates and Each One Teach One (a model for peer education)

The National Family Farm Coalition is also part of La Via Campesina, an international movement of peasants, small- and medium-sized producers, landless, rural women, indigenous people, rural youth and agricultural workers who are unified in defense of people’s food sovereignty, decentralized food production, and family-farms.  Click here to find out more!